As the cold winter months draw near, you may be looking for more efficient and effective ways to heat your home. When the frost sets in, you have probably found that the size of your utility bill steadily spirals upward. You may currently have natural gas, oil, or use electricity to heat your home, but no matter what type of heating system you use, installing a wood burning stove will save you money on your heating costs.

You will probably have heard of multi fuel stoves and know that they work by burning a variety of different fuels in order to function. This is something that will lead to your heating bills being lowered and you saving money from them. Heritage Stoves use a variety of different fuels that are inexpensive to purchase and can be found in bountiful supply locally.

The fact is that if you have a Heritage multi fuel stove as opposed to oil or coal burning stove, you could actually save yourself up to 80% on your fuel bill every year. This just shows exactly how much cheaper the fuel is for these multi fuel stoves. Installing a Heritage multi fuel stove will save you money every year after the purchase so will be a wise investment.


Burning Wood in your Heritage Stove is a cost-effective form of renewable power. Wood used for fuel can easily be replaced by simply growing more; Ireland has a large area of sustainable forestry producing wood products and wood as fuel. When wood fuel is harvested from a sustainable wood source then there is no net increase in CO2 emissions.

Using wood fuel to produce heat is an excellent low carbon alternative to oil and gas. There are numerous suppliers now providing kiln or air dried wood for burning, these fuels are readily available and are local to you. Suppliers who are managing a sustainable source of fuel benefit the environment and you as it creates recreational and wildlife sanctuaries, as well as a cost effective fuel source.

Why dried wood? Wet or green wood must dry in the fire before it will burn, using up a large percentage of the available energy in the process. It will also form creosote which will deposit in your chimney resulting in more required maintenance of the lining. It is also why the glass of your stove will become blackened and would require everyday cleaning. Dry wood will burn hot heating up the flue, creating a fast draw, and shooting the smaller amount of vapours out of the chimney before they get a chance to condense.

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