A Heritage Gleveagh Boiler with a roaring fire on a Green backdrop

Heritage Stoves are an Irish Stove Brand dedicated to modern living while retaining traditional design.

At Heritage Stoves, we offer a stove for every scanario. Our Stoves provide efficiency while retaining compact dimensions and an attractive look. The Heritage Stove range caters for every room size from, large to small.

Our stove range is segmented into 4 key categories. This includes stoves that can heat your radiators, double sided stoves, traditional style stoves and more. The stoves range in energy output from 5kW up to 30kW. To learn more about each individual range, click the links below:

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Our stoves are stocked by our Nationwide network of stove shops. These stove shops provide in depth knowledge and experience to ensure you get the perfect stove for your home.

Your Heritage stove will come with a 3 year guarantee and use 75% less fuel compared to an open fire. All our stoves are multi fuel. This ensures you can use wood, peat, coal or eco pellet in your stove. No matter the weather, you will always be able to keep your home warm.

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