Ashford 7.5kW Freestanding Stove

To read the Heritage Stove Ashford user manual, click download below.

Ashford Stove Dimensions

The Ashford 7.5kW Freestanding Stove is the perfect compact modern stove for any home.

This stove is perfect for heading any medium sized room. It comes with large door for easy refueling. This multi fuel stove can be heated with a wide variety of materials. They include wood, coal, turf or eco pellet.

Our Ashford 7.5kW stove is available in a choice of three colours to suit your personal preference. These colours/finishes are:

  • Black Matt
  • Black Enamel
  • Cream Enamel

This modern style Freestanding stove will fit anywhere in your home without need major structural work. The stove is compact enough to fit in front of your existing fireplace, without loosing too much living space. The stove comes with a top and rear flue outlet, making it easy to adapt to your living space.

The stove comes with a Class A energy rating and a 3 year warranty.

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To learn more about the Ashford Freestanding Stove, see our approved list of Irish retailers. Each retailer can support you to ensure the stove meets the exact requirements for you home.