Clare 12kw Double Sided Cassette Stove

Clare 12kw Cassette Landscape

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Heritage Double Sided Cassette Stove 12kw Clare Dimension

The 12kW Clare Double Sided Cassette Stove is the perfect stove for any large room.

This stove has a window facing to the front and rear of the stove. It is a stove that you can place it in between two rooms to heat both. Alternatively, it can form a dividing centerpiece to a room. The double-sided pane ensures you get the maximum warm flowing into your home or office on the coldest or dampest of days.

This double-sided cassette stove is a multi fuel stove. You can burn wood, coal, pellet or peat in this stove, depending on what you have available. It has a large opening door for easy access.

The stove comes with a black glass or black enamel frame. This provides you with a modern style stove that will feel perfect in any modern home or office. This stove can be fitted with an option for an external air source, ensuring it can be fitted to the most modern of homes.

Our Clare Cassette Stove comes with a 3-year warranty and a Class A+ energy rating. It has a built-in air wash and clear burn system within.

This 12kW Clare Double Sided Cassette Stove is available through our approved list of Irish retailers. Each retailer can support you to ensure the stove meets the exact requirements for you home.