Clare 5kW Cassette Stove

Clare Cassette

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Clare 5 Stove Dimensions

The 5kW Clare Cassette Stove is the perfect stove for any small sitting room or living room.

The Clare 5 kW stove is a sleek, tidy glass fronted stove. It is perfect for warming your room on the wettest of Irish days. This stove comes with a clear glass window that shines warming light into your living space, not matter what the weather outside is like.

The Clare 5kW will give you fuel flexibility. This is a multi fuel stove that can burn wood, coal, turf or eco pellets.

This black glass frame stove has a sleek modern design. The black glass finish has a black enamel appearance. This stove sits within your fireplace or wall and does not protrude into your living room.

This stove comes with 3 year warranty. It will work with an external air supply, for fitting into the most modern of homes. This stove has inbuilt clear burn technology and has a Class A energy rating. The Clare 5kW is suitable for small rooms.

This stove is available in higher energy rating of 6kW, 8kW, 11kW and 12kW variants.

To learn more about the 5kW Clare Cassette Stove, see our approved list of Irish retailers. Each retailer can support you to ensure the stove meets the exact requirements for you home.