Dromore 5kW Freestanding Stove

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Dromore Stove Dimesnions

The Dromore 5kW Freestanding stove is the ultimate compact stove.

This Dromore 5kW stove is our smallest heating stove. It is perfect for heating small offices, log cabins, garden sheds and small living rooms.

The stove has a clean modern design that is discrete in nature. It is a small stove with a sizable window that will shine warmth into your room on the most miserable of Irish days. The stove has a wide opening door making refueling easy. This is a multi fuel stove ensuring you can heat your room with wood, coal, turf or eco pellet.

Our Heritage Dromore is available in a choice of 3 finishes/colours. The finishes will enable you to match the stove with your style of living. These are:

  • Black Matt
  • Black Enamel
  • Cream Enamel

This stove has a Class A energy rating. It comes with a 3 year warranty and both primary and secondary air controls.

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To learn more about the Dromore Freestanding Stove, see our approved list of Irish retailers. Each retailer can support you to ensure the stove meets the exact requirements for you home.