Cassette Stoves

Cassette Stoves

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Our range of Heritage Cassette Stoves are a clean, feature stove for your home.

The Cassette Stove is designed to be inserted into a wall, feature or display piece. This stove has a sleek glass fronted window that offers a fiery warmth to the room.

The cassette stove is perfect for modern homes or offices, where a clean finish is required. Each stove provides great heat and a natural elegance and warmth.

Our cassette stoves range in heat output from 5kW to 12kW. The stoves are finished in Black Glass with appears as a Black Enamel finish. Each of these stoves come with a 3-year warranty. Our 12kW Clare stove is available as a double-sided cassette stove. This is perfect for heading multiple rooms or to provide a warming feel in two rooms using a single stove. Click here to view this stove option.

Every cassette stoves offer you with a multi fuel heating options. This will allow you to heat your home with a wide range of heating options including wood, pellet, coal or turf. This stove range is the perfect stove for a modern style home or office.

All our Heritage Cassette Stoves are available through our approved list of suppliers throughout Ireland.

Clare 6kw Insert

Clare 6kw Cassette Stove

Clare Cassette

Clare 5kw Cassette Stove

Clare 8kw

Clare 8kw Cassette Stove

Clare 8kw Cassette Stove

Clare 11kw Cassette Stove

Clare 12kw Cassette Landscape

Clare 12kw Cassette Stove

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