Glenveagh 30kW Boiler Stove

Glenveagh boiler Stove

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Glenveagh 30 Stove Dimensions

The Glenveagh 30kW freestanding boiler stove is the ideal stove for someone looking for a stove and boiler.

The Glenveagh stove has a back boiler built into the stove. The stove itself will but around 7kW of heat into your room. A further 23kW of energy will go to heating the hot water for up to 20 radiators. This ensures you can keep your entire home warm from one source. The stove is thermostatically controlled, to ensure your room never gets too warm.

Our Glenveagh Boiler Stove is a multi fuel stove. You can heat the stove with wood, coal, turf or eco pellets, depending on what you have available.

This freestanding stove is suitable for nearly any location in hour home. It can replace an old boiler, be placed in front of a small fireplace or inserted within a larger fireplace. This stove is quick to install without any need to impact your any walls.

This boiler stove is available as a 16kW or 21kW stove for smaller homes.

To learn more about the 30kW Glenveagh Boiler Stove, see our approved list of Irish retailers. Each retailer can support you to ensure the stove meets the exact requirements for you home.