Insert Stoves

Insert Stoves

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Our Heritage Stoves range of Insert Stoves are a clean, stylish heating solution for your home.

The Heritage Stoves Insert Stove fits seamlessly into a flat walled fireplace. This stove will sit flush in your fireplace, ensuring you maximize the space in your home. It is a stove that is discrete, while offering plenty of warmth.

These stoves are perfect for any home. They are available in a range of colours to suit your colour preference. From Matt Black, Black Enamel to a clean Cream Enamel, this stove will fit seamlessly into the most neutral of rooms. For a more rustic feel our black stoves provide the perfect inset stove option.

Our range of Insert Stoves offer a choice of fuel combinations. They are multi fuel in design ensuring you a use wood, coal, pellet or turf to heat your room. This ensures a stove that can cater to your needs to matter the time of the year.

Our Heritage Pollmore inset stoves are available in either 5kW or 7kW variants. Each stove has a clear window pane, ensuring the fiery warmth can flood the room in the coldest or dampest of days.

All our Heritage Insert Stoves are available through our approved list of suppliers throughout Ireland.

Pollmore Black enamel

Pollmore 5kw Insert Stove

Pollmore Cream Enamel Insert Stove

Pollmore 7kw Insert Stove

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