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  • Belleek

    Belleek Fire Bricks

    The firebrick comes in three parts, the left, right and back brick. These bricks reflect the heat back into your stove and protects the fire box.

  • Belleek

    Belleek Baffle

    The baffle plate, also known as the throat plate, is an easily changable part of your stove.

    Please ensure you are ordering the correct baffle for your stove.

  • Belleek

    Belleek Full Grate

    This Full Grate is for the Belleek 11.5kW Freestanding Stove. Please ensure you are choosing the correct Full Grate for your stove.

  • Belleek

    Belleek Glass

    This glass fits into the Belleek 11.5Kw, images are for illustrative purposes only.