Claypot Adaptor


Our Claypot Adapter is manufactured in with an enamel finish.

Clay Pot Adapters are used to connect to the bottom of a chimney stack which has a clay liner installed, and a chimney flue liner is not being installed.

Please choose the flue diametre you require.
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This Claypot Adaptor is suitable for use on domestic appliances burning solid fuel.

The claypot adaptor has been designed to ensure quick, safe and simple installations and are installed where a flexible flue liner is not being used. This product ensures that all soot and other deposits can flow back towards the appliance and cannot leak from a joint in the way they would if the flue pipe is simply sealed into the flue liner. The clay pot liner chimney must be adequately cleaned and fit for purpose prior to installation.

The installation process has been laid out by our team. We recommended installation is only done by a trained tradesman. Instructions can be found in the tab below. It is recommended that chimneys serving solid fuel appliances be swept and maintained as frequently as necessary but at least once a year. This helps to maintain a healthy burning inside your stove. Ensuring your equipment lasts longer.

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Additional information

Flue Diametre

5' – 125mm, 6' – 150mm